It takes a village to raise a baby. Online music collaboration isn’t anything new, but let’s be honest, tools for those of us serious enough about our craft to be spending late nights on Gearsluts trading compressors are few and far between. Most online music collaboration tools are made for the masses. Not Trackbits though, no sir.

Create A Project

First off, we respect that whether you’re in a purpose built or home studio, you’re a professional and professionals need to organise their shit. That’s why Trackbits is built around the concept of projects to share and collaborate on feedback.  A project could be a demo, a single, an EP or an album – it’s completely up to you.  

Share Your Project Securely

One Link to rule them all, One Link to find them, One Link to bring them all and in the darkness… (no hang on, wrong quote) and in Trackbits get them collaborating! Every project has a share link which you can hand out to your clients like candy via email, Wechat, Snapchat, Facebook – really anywhere they hang out.

Take It Back!

Worried that your mum has gotten hold of that link and is secretly posting positive comments to make you feel better about the fact that you chose music production over an illustrious and well paid career in finance? Just reset that share code to take away her access!

Discuss Feedback With Clients

Track discussions is pretty much the best thing since the introduction of four-band EQ on the Solid State Logic E Series back in 1983.  We would have said sliced bread but even producers have to eat.  Want to say “Thanks” for that positive bit of feedback?  Or say “No, I will not ruin your vocals by Melodyne-ing the crap out of them”?  You can discuss, convince, argue, celebrate and collaborate on anything and everything with Track Discussions.  

Embed Links In A Specific Piece Of Feedback

Did you notice this in the last screenshot?  It’s a piece of pure online music collaboration genius!  So if Luke comments “Yo man, what I meant by this was can you get rid of the 3 second gap between those two syllables and make it sound like one long note – does that make sense?”, then you can click the play button and listen to that section of the track right from within the Discussion view while wondering to yourself how you’re ever going to fix it, where on earth you saved that third take and why you didn’t tell them at the start that you don’t work with home recordings in the first place.

Multiple People Can Participate In Discussions

Online music collaboration isn’t for the faint of heart. Anyone who has the link and entered their name, can join in on the discussion action. Maybe the guitarist wants the guitar turned up (surprise, surprise!), the singer wants the guitar solo cut and the bass player rocked up after the whole band signed off and you reset the share code. Nope, you’re about a 1/8 note too late buddy… like always!

Create Sign Off Requests For Each Track

There comes a time in every project’s life when you must convince a client to let go of all of their fears of failure and imperfection and sign off on a track.  This process is most likely the inspiration for Kermit The Frog’s song, “It’s not easy being green”.

Sign Off On Behalf Of A Client

So you’re in the studio, your client is from Santa Cruz (insert Byron Bay if you’re from Australia, Totnes if you’re from the UK) and you know they’re never going to click that sign off link you send them via email.  Like, ever.  Then we’ve got you covered. Online music collaboration doesn’t always have to be “online”.  You can sign off a track on the client’s behalf while you’re in the studio together. Bam! Christmas has come early this year.

Void A Sign Off

Got a bit too trigger happy on the sign off? Voiding a track approval is just a click away.  Ok two clicks, but who’s counting? (We are, because we’re obsessed with creating awesome online music collaboration experiences).