Client Feedback

Most Music Producers have a love-hate relationship with feedback. It’s exhilarating, it’s exhausting but it’s never boring. Founded by someone who knows this first hand, we’ve built Trackbits from the mix-desk up to create the best feedback tool for both Music Producers and clients.

Request Client Feedback

Trackbits gives every Music Producer the freedom to collaborate with their clients. Getting feedback on a track is crazy simple. Once you’re ready to share a mix, upload any .mp3 file and voila, it’s alive! You can also add any general notes and comments here too (i.e. space for you to tell them that demo-itis is a real illness and why their tone-deaf best mate Barry is not allowed to comment).

Add New Track On Trackbits
Add comments at the playhead

Add Comment At The Playhead

Soundcloud was built for music fans. Trackbits is kind of like Soundcloud on steroids, but built for Music Producers. You get the pretty audio track visual plus you can add comments at the playhead in a flash. Beauty AND brains!

Start With Positive Comments From Clients

Are you a Music Producer who’s had one of these moments before?

Client emails at 11pm at night before you’re about to go to sleep:
“Hi Sam, the drum sound is way overcooked, I’m really struggling to hear the vocals”
Yada yada yada…whole page of negative nancy notes…then you scroll ALL the way down to the bottom of the very long email and…
“By the way I love what you’ve done with the track man, it sounds amazing, Cheers, Jake”

Now wouldn’t it have been nice if you were saved the near heart attack and got the nice bit upfront? Enter Trackbits Jedi Mind Control Feature. No. Neuro Linguistic Programming Feature. No. Comment Suggestion Feature.

Well, that doesn’t sound as cool but trust us this thing really does work. The first client who views a track and adds a comment gets a quick note before they do, suggesting they add a positive comment first. It’s all about the feedback sandwich y’all! It’s super simple – but it actually works. Since we began using it at our studio, we haven’t received one round of feedback that didn’t start on a high note (bada bing bada boom). It actually makes reading client feedback a pleasure. Thanks human psychology!

Start with positive comments from the client

No Need To Create An Account To View A Project

Ever tried to herd cats? Or pull teeth? Getting people to sign up to ANOTHER app is a bit like that. So that’s why we built Trackbits to be insanely client-friendly. They don’t need to create a login to view projects from Music Producers. Once they’ve got the link all they need to do is add their name and they’re in! It’s a damn near miracle people.

Multiple Band Members Can Participate

Got more than one cook in the kitchen? We’ve got an app for that. Ok you caught us. It’s the same app, Trackbits. If you’re dealing with a bunch of band members and they all want a say – easy. If your artist has a label or a manager and they’re itching to show they know better than you. Let ‘em at it! Every new person who clicks on the link from a different device will get prompted for their name, so you’ll know who’s who in the zoo.

Easily work with and understand client feedback

Easily Work With And Understand Client Feedback

As a Music Producer it’s not always easy to decipher the mess of feedback in different forms that comes your way. From email to SMS to phone conversations to the back of a greasy piece of left-over paper from the wrapping of a client’s grilled cheese sandwich. No one said receiving feedback was easy.

Until just now when we said it! Trackbits makes receiving feedback easy by bringing all those scrunched up pieces of paper (figuratively speaking) into one place that makes it super simple to keep track of.

Like this – every comment the client makes becomes a checklist item that you can mark as complete as you go through. And isn’t there something ridiculously satisfying about ticking a box to say you’re done? Of course there’s also the very real benefit of keeping track of the bajillion things you need to do too.

Plus, each one includes the exact time reference and the name of the person who made the comment. What?! That’s just too much. One click on a toggle, and a five second pre roll is added so you can listen to the lead up to the song comment. Now you KNOW Trackbits must have been built by a Music Producer. There is no other way a feature like that gets prioritised in development. Seriously.

View Reports On Client Feedback

Sooooo you’re a stalker that cannot control your need to know exactly who viewed tracks in the project you shared, and when? Yerp. Welcome to the life of a Music Producer who just handed over their precious first mix baby to a client. We’ve got you covered. Head to the Track Viewing Activity report for the detail as well as an overview at the project level for total views and total comments across all tracks in the project.

View reports on client feedback
Manage track access for clients

Manage Track Access For Clients

Want to control more than a Vintage Fairchild 670? Don’t worry, you get to play Captain Kirk with your Trackbits project (if you don’t get that, replace with Captain Planet, if you’re a millennial replace with Captain America, if you’re Gen Z, insert meme here).

You choose whether you’re happy for your client to download the track you’ve shared or not. Or disable commenting when it’s time to say “While I would love to complete version 23 of this track, now is perhaps the time to turn our attention to mastering…”.

And last but not least, you can even include or hide a specific track within a project from your client until you’re ready for them to provide feedback on it. All power to the Music Producer!