Artist feedback for music producers

Whether you're working with a solo musician, a band or an orchestra, Trackbits gives you a place to gather instant feedback from clients on your latest edit, mix or master.

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What Trackbits Can Do


No more collating feedback across messenger, email, phone calls and dirty napkins. Every bit of feedback auto-magically becomes a task. It's the holy grail of music engineering.


Collaboration isn't just for hippies driving around Outback Australia in a campervan. From sharing projects to real time discussions, Trackbits is your personal music production campfire.


If you're a type A personality who loves checklists and progress bars that make you feel productive then Trackbits is for you. If not, Trackbits is here to kick your ass into gear.

Pick A Plan, Any Plan



  • 2 Project Limit
  • 10 Tracks Per Project
  • 10MB ea. MP3 Limit



Per Month/Year
  • 10 Simultaneous Projects
  • 15 Tracks Per Project
  • 30MB ea. MP3 Limit
  • Project Notifications
  • Track Permissions
  • Client Track View Activity
  • Premium Support



Per Month/Year
  • 100 Simultaneous Projects
  • Unlimited Tracks
  • Unlimited File Size
  • Project Notifications
  • Track Permissions
  • Client Track View Activity
  • Client Signoff Approval
  • Premium Support

Note: When you sign up, you will be put on the free plan automatically. To upgrade, choose the desired plan from the Subscriptions page.